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A picture is worth a thousand words...

Bill Knell/ Catherine Knell/

» Bill Knell / /Arizona / FRAUD !!!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words... William Knell / Catherine Knell/ » Bill Knell Victimizing innocent people on the Internet, and his wife Catherine Knell !! I am waiting to get my money refunded to me Bill Knell, I know you ignore my emails and phone calls, Does Not Matter You will not get away with it, I am very persistant, NOT To Mention, my Chihuahua is STILL waiting to have a Companion, I saved the money I gave to you ,for another Chihuahua puppy, I can not afford to come up with another 1,000.00, I want my money now. Catherine and Bill Knell are literally living on OUR money !

These people are EVIL , BAD BAD BAD PEOPLE !!!!

I will get my money from you, and all the other

victims are going to get their money from you

and YOU will BE stoped. This is illegal !!

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Boone County courthouse, I am so disappointed I thought the mentally disturbed individual and his mental wife were both already in JAIL. The *** owes

me money, I am not in Indiana, they will not procecute him unless I come to Indiana,

then they would throw him in jail they said, But is it worth it? I do not think so, when I am such a small CRIME comapared to all the criminal activity I have read on Google, it is just AMAZING to me that he is getting away with everything. He is now stealing from books, copying it word for word, making it his book and selling it, that is his latest according to google

if you google where is bill knell !! even a youtube video were they got exposed him as a liar on UFO lies , and apparently he is finding time to Abuse his kids on top of all this WHAT A SICK INDIVIDUAL. Indiana

State Police could not help me ?!?!?! I know others through the internet who did get help and their money returned , not sure why they would or could not help me I sent them 200% proof with every every detail his signature on the bad check,etc,

I just received an envelope yesterday from

Lebanon Police it contained all my proof I sent to them. nothing else.

I hope Bill Knell and Catherine Knell go to JAIL for a long long time they are really ripping off alot of people, from publishing books, selling on Amazon,selling fake dvd's and they take your money and do not mail what your purchased.

Why are they...

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The lesson to be learned here is ADOPT DON'T SHOP - this is a picture of a cute puppy whose parnets are sitting in wire cages suffering in a puppymill.


Milton, Pennsylvania, United States #41043

It Looks to me Like the answer to

Kittys question ,what is the point,

The point is they post pics of sweet

puppy's with a big price tag, offer you

a discount if you pay by money grahm

and then RIP YOU OFF as in

KEEP YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Pay Their Bills Kity and feed their

six kids, neither have a 9 to 5 job

at a company..Their job is to PREY

upon all the innocent people on the

internet nationwide, not just in the states !!! nationwide !!!

Milton, Pennsylvania, United States #41042

Kitty, the pic is Romeo, the puppy that

I totally fell in LOVE with and waited

daily for months and months to pick

him up at the airport. I paid after all the discounts Bill offered me to buy another one, $1400.00. (was 2,200.)

This is HOW he crushes our hearts and STEALS our money, by Posting

Pics of Adorable Puppy's, To be honest now that I do not have Romeo

It has crossed my mind IF he even

existed ? Who knows ???????~gail


:sigh I fail to understand, what this picture shows, except a darling little puppy?

Are you saying, they sell pups for "sick pleasures"??????

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