That would be Dogs for Fun, Indiana Pocket Pets, We can't understand how they can continue to advertise and sell pets without delivery, just excuses, excuses.I forgot, also, a long stream of bewildered people who in good faith, followed through with the arrangements, and received only heartache.

You can see people like this on television - but it alway seems UNREAL. Well, they are real people, using everyones funds for their own pleasure. PLEASE STOP THEM. They hurt my family personally and financially, with their selfish act.

We are one of many. Since this happened, I understand it has happened to dozens more.


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Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States #31350

I would hope everyone that is getting

Victimized by William (Bill ) Knell and

Catherine Knell, that they are reporting this to the State Police in

Indiania, Attorney Generals Office.

This is the Only WAY, they are going to STOP this criminal activity !!!!

Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States #31348

This man does need to be stoped it looks like he is still Victimizing

people. This is how he is making a living, hiding behind a computer screen ! Stealing money, by posting pics of adorable puppies that make your heart melt. The puppies he has

posted are more than likely FAKE


for purchase, He steals the pics from

other websites,

If you google Bill Knell , it is sickening

all the different ways he is ripping off


He owes me 925.00, I had chrged part of my purchase, because the 1st puppy after 4 mths was not available

no longer, after a million lies on why,

and then of course the second puppy

was 500. more, and five mths later

was also not available after a million

LIES. THIS MAN DOES NEED STOPED. refer to Complaints.com

Bill Knell Fraud , for further complaints on this CROOK.

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